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Marla Spivak - Why Bees are Disappearing



Entomologist and bee researcher Maria Spivak presents an integrated set of causes and simple solutions for the bee crisis that has been escalating for seven years now. The great news is…it looks hopeful and you can help.

According to Professor Spivak, the four intersecting causes of the worldwide Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) are flowerless landscapes, a dysfunctional agricultural system, pesticide and herbicide contamination and the varroa mite.

The solutions begin with a worldwide love affair with bees, bee forage flowers and flowers everywhere ~ on the roadsides, in the public areas, in backyards, and especially in agriculture. Cover cropping with alfalfa and clover must come back. The spectacular perennial hedgerows must come back. Soils have to be rebuilt more naturally and we must find a way to grow food in less or non-toxic ways that support the health of the bees and therefore our health.

Buy some flowers this weekend, even if you can just have a few pots on the balcony. Together we are realizing that all of our small actions, together, will create a grand solution much greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

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