The Rama Exhibition
Sun Bear, from The Rama Exhibition

REWILDING: A Passionate Plea

Sun Bear, of The Rama Exhibition



Bravo!  Standing ovation for investigative environmental journalist George Monbiot.  Love his spirit, his passion, his storytelling, his truth, which is the rewilding of nature  ~ the large-scale restoration of complex natural ecosystems.  Monbiot brilliantly describes the unexpected consequences of reintroducing top predators to an ecosystem and his story of Yellowstone National Park and another on whales is so uplifting as to bring the adventurous child right up and into our wild and youthful hearts.

If you love a great story and LOVE nature you have got to experience George Monbiot, FOR MORE WONDER, REWILD THE WORLD, a 15 minute TED talk.  You will want to get up and cheer!

Rama and Jeb's Stamp, The Rama Exhibition

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