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Wow!!! Sky Greens!

Greens in the SkyWhat a great inspiration!  Watch this video if you love:  food, innovation, cities, human ingenuity, and supporting local agriculture.

The fabulous SKY GREENS in Singapore is one of the world’s first commercial vertical farms.  Designed, owned and operated by 50 year-old engineer, Jack Ing, this is a thriving and quite beautiful farm.

With 5 million people on a small island city, Singapore is one of the most densely populated cities on Earth.  With just 250 acres of farmland left, they grow just 7% of their food, an expensive and precarious position to be in with a reliance on cost, energy and pollution intensive transport of food, especially fresh vegetables from distant points around the world.  Singapore’s goal is to produce 10 to 20% of their fresh food locally in the near term.

The 4 story tower which rotates vertically, runs off of a compact gravity powered water wheel and the entire tower costs just $3./year to run (about as much as a 60 watt bulb).

It is estimated that 80% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050 with food a critical factor.  This prototype points the way for healthy local production that is 10 times more labor, energy, water and input efficient than commercial agriculture.  Aside from feeding people, being a locovore (eating organic, fresh local food, emphasis on the local) is an important part of reducing greenhouse gases and climate change.

Check it out…and enjoy.  If you live in a city, please start your own SKY GREENS and then expand upward and out to the people around you.

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