The Rama Exhibition

Great News for Alaska’s Biodiverse Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay

Anglo American had invested more than $500 million into the massive gold and copper operation that would produce approximately 10 billion tons of contaminated waste and threaten the greatest wild salmon runs on the planet.

According to the NRDC:  Of course it helped mightily that local communities, Native groups and fishermen have opposed the mine courageously and tirelessly … NRDC Biogems Defenders stood shoulder to shoulder with them by deluging Anglo American with nearly one million messages of protest… Robert Redford took our campaign to the national and international stage (he was cited by more than 50 news outlets yesterday!) … EPA scientists found the mine posed “catastrophic” risks … and more than 600,000 Americans petitioned EPA this year to stop the mine.

This is a great victory which demonstrates the power of standing up for the natural treasures in our country and around the world.

BRAVO to Bristol Bay, the Native Alaskan people, fisher folk, NRDC, and all those of us who petitioned to save this bio-gem.

Rama and Jeb's Stamp, The Rama Exhibition

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