The Rama Exhibition

The Rama Exhibition Good News for the Earth: The Ultimate Driving Machine

The Rama Exhibition Good News Flash for the Earth…


By Calley O’Neill

The Game ChangerYesterday I met some wonderful BMW dealership owners attending a meeting in Hawai’i.  Yesterday, I met my fantasy car… I have wanted a brilliant, solar car since 1980 studying for my MA in Social Ecology at Goddard College.  I just couldn’t get excited about any of them yet and due to their detailed commitment to sustainability and ecological sanity, I sense that the BMW i3 will be the game changer!

With this release in early 2014, BMW will actually become THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE.  I was told that the zero emissions i3 will be made out of 99% recycled materials, have a beautiful eucalyptus dashboard, organic wool seat covers (or leather with non-toxic dyes in an olive oil base) and everything else I have ever wanted a solar car to have.  It’s pure electric, comes with solar charging system, and goes 100 miles without a charge, which will cost between $3 and $4 per charge.  The lightweight carbon fiber plastic body will be made in northern Washington in a hydroelectrically powered plant. 

This… is the car of my dreams and to top off my fantasy, I am hoping to be named as their spokesperson!


Bravo BMW!

(My birthday is New Year’s Eve, in case you were hoping to find the perfect gift!)

Smilin Calley

Rama and Jeb's Stamp, The Rama Exhibition

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