The Rama Exhibition

Simon Sinek TED talk on Inspired LEADERS

Understand YOUR WhyThank you very much Simon Sinek.  You intended to really get through to us and you surely got through to me.  You have helped me be free to speak what I believe about art to the people that I meet twice a week as Artist in Residence at The Four Seasons Hualalai.  In so doing, I believe I will connect more profoundly with people who love life, who love the Earth and who are thinking, speaking and acting to make a difference to preserve life and create a healthy future.

I believe that art has power only when it is imbued with more than beauty or originality.  Art becomes powerful for the reasons that Sinek outlines… there is a powerful belief behind the art that connects to and reflects the longings that are stirring in many people.

Rama the elephant that I am amazingly blessed to have as my partner with Jeb, his painting ‘teacher’ opened me to express my deep concern for the state of nature and humanity that we find ourselves playing out.

We stand at the turning point.  What we think, say and do really matters.  What we buy matters and these Rama paintings speak to 

LOVE –  love for life that is so strong and robust and positive.  It calls out that we can make it.  No matter how cumbersome or seemingly huge or impossible, we can turn this ship around.  Somehow I really believe we can wake up and act quickly enough (NOW) to ameliorate devastating loss of biodiversity and climate change.  I believe that people are changing: their diets, their minds, their level of power and ability to make a difference.  I believe this art is powerful and will make a positive difference in evoking love for the endangered ones, which includes us.

I do believe in our potential to create a future that is better than we can imagine, and that is ALL The Rama Exhibition is about.


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