The Rama Exhibition

The Rama Exhibition: Vision of The Tipping Point and How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

The Tipping Point by Malcolm GladwellAfter having it in my studio for some time, I am finally reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.  It’s very telling and affirming of the vision that came to me of The Rama Exhibition when I first saw Rama the elephant paint with keeper Jeb Barsh at the Oregon Zoo.

Rooted in optimism, the reality of quantum leaps brings hope to our wish for healing the natural world and creating a just, abundant and healthy world for all the children.

It’s just a matter of time.  There is work being done not just to lower our carbon footprint to 350 ppm but to innovate to the point of taking the excess carbon out of the air.

For anyone who watches TED talks, who is part of the SHIFT network,, any of the environmental, spiritual, yoga, vegetarian, social justice, wildlife, deep ecology, renewable energy, green design, ocean, reef, health and healing, IT and sustainability movements ~ it’s just a matter of time and connections until the tipping point comes.  Then, the beauty and magnificence of the world we are working to create will suddenly, through the connectors, the cultural creative magicians, and the early adopters will come through.

The reality of living walls, rooftop gardens, underground wires for a fully connected communication/solar/wind/renewable world of botanical gardens and vest pocket parks, urban forests, food fences, a future for wildlife, eco-schools, community gardens, conservation of the biodiversity hotspots, eco and work tourism, spectacular architecture wherein every building is an energy company, bikeways, walkways, skateways and horse paths, fabulous public transportation and wildly innovative private transport, flexible solar winged jets, clipper ships and solar super ferries, ocean conservation and ecological aquaculture, biointensive micro-farms and natural farming with indigenous microorganisms substituting for fertilizers, local co-ops, network marketing, all green products, forest reconstruction, ecosystem restoration in every corner of the world, watershed wisdom, stream reclamation, eco-mycology for biological remediation, universal healthcare based on healthy living, and enough work in all of this for every person’s talent, energy and passion.

It’s just a matter of time and connection and one day, hopefully soon, we will reach The Tipping Point and realize that indeed, everything we think, say and do matters.

Rama's Stamp of Approval

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