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CHASING ICE ~ A a not-to-be-missed film about one of nature’s most courageous and relentless heroes

Chasing IceThe featured film, CHASING ICE, in the latest  WAIMEA FILM FESTIVAL was deeply moving, as was the portrayal of the tough grit and deep love of James Balog, who I proclaim as one of nature’s and life’s heroes.  His Extreme Ice Survey defied the odds in the most freezing and difficult climates and places on Earth and shows us now the historic and geological changes that are happening all too fast on Earth right now.   Balog realized in his first National Geographic special on glaciers that there are grave dangers and great consequences in the rapidity of the “Big Thaw”.

In a post film Q & A, film director Jeff Orlowski received a lot of questions from a full audience at the Four Seasons’ showing.  The question was something like, ”We are here to earn money so what are we to do about all this?  Orlowski’s said that in the pre-Civil War days, the southerners had a business model that worked out quite well for some, namely the slave owners.  Then came the Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln announced the end of slavery.  A new model had to be developed, and he explained to the audience that we are, as well so many know, at a critical turning point in history and ecology.  We need a new business strategy that takes all life into account.  Brilliant analogy. 

I hope all those who see this remarkable and moving film are forever changed and act on behalf of their children and all their descendants to ameliorate climate change now in their every action and business transaction.

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