The Rama Exhibition

Enter the WHALE! Preliminary Steps Begin…

Twenty-Percent is a wrap!  completely sealed with four coats of sealant, wrapped and tucked away in its tube, awaiting the Exhibit, Calley is now on to the next painting.  The board is prepared with it’s coat of carefully stretched plastic (to keep the canvas from adhering to the board) and the drawings are underway.  

On my way to Kona for the day, Seny and I stopped of at the Four Seasons, Hualalai, to catch a peek at the progress.  Here are the initial drawings.  The model is a beauty, captured by photographer Dale Walsh.  He will be happy to see that the painting has begun.

whale painting beginsWatching Calley work is always a joy, and Seny and I were able to capture these first moments of the new painting.
Seny helping cut the border
While awaiting preparation of the canvas and board at the home studio, Calley spends her time at Four Seasons creating the original drawings and design of the finished painting, and Seny and I were delighted to help with these first few steps.

New Year's Eve 042 New Year's Eve 044 New Year's Eve 043Calley had a private session to teach, so we left her to the process, and drove to Kona for a day of shopping, movies and a late lunch.  Upon return, we were greeted at the gate by this fabulous Boabab Tree, which is always one of my favorites.

Boabab Tree at Four SeasonsCalley surely loves the idealic surroundings at The Four Seasons, and we love visiting her there.  Here are some progress shots of Calley’s work during the day, this very last day in the year, which also JUST HAPPENS to be Calley’s Birthday!

New Year's Eve 065 New Year's Eve 064 New Year's Eve 063This will be the border, a combination DNA strand and whales’ tails, interspersed with the vanishing plankton.  Pictured here are the mirrored sides, which will of course, be placed on either side of the paintings.  RAMA’s contribution to this painting will be his amazing depiction of a volcano!  Who would imagine a volcano and an whale can capture matching power and majesty?  Lucky for us, Calley’s imagination knows no bounds.  I have no doubt that this painting will portray just such exciting vibes.

Here are some detail shots of the whale drawing in progress.
New Year's Eve 066Whale DetailAnd with a final parting shot of the fabulous ambiance at The Four Seasons, Calley’s amazing  plein aire studio…

It doesn't get better than this!we wish you all Aloha for now, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday, Calley!

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