The Rama Exhibition

Bioneers, Revolution from the Heart of Nature

Check out the Bioneers Talks on their website.As we come to this great alignment, I want to offer my gratitude to all the Bioneers in the world for working for a world that works for everyone.  Mahalo nui Bioneers everywhere!

In a circle of family and connections from the center outward, first, there is my little family, my birth family, and next is my ohana (my extended family, the circle of my nearest and dearest friends) and then there is my tribe: The Bioneers.

The Bioneers founded by Kenny and Nina Ausubel (originally from the words, biological pioneers) is an annual conference each October in San Rafael, California, as well as an extraordinary network and media hub of thinkers, researchers, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to live on the Earth and in communities that honor the web of life, each other, all species and future generations

The conference is my intensive education each year on what’s happening that is positive, possible, cutting edge and filled with potential for healing our relationship with the Earth and creating a future that is even better than we can imagine.

If you have never gone to the Bioneers, mark your calendar for next October and by all means, listen to the talks on their website especially Kenny Ausubel’s 2012 introductory talk, Bill McKibben and Paul Hawken.  Here’s the link:

Each talk is an education.  Please enjoy them; knowing this is a great time to activate our best work on Earth on behalf of all life.

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