The Rama Exhibition

“Twenty Percent” Nearing the Twenty-Percent Completion Mark…

Another Coral setDid you know that if twenty-percent of the ocean were set aside to reproduce without human intervention or harvesting, it could completely replenish the ocean of the entire planet?  Amazing, no?

Hence, the name of the newest painting in The Rama Exhibition, “Twenty-Percent”.  And as of this writing, it seems that the painting is nearing or maybe even AT the 20% mark of completion.   

After a summer vacation, Calley returned to complete this portion of the painting on the day of the last photo shoot.  This is a full day of painting, from near sun up to near sundown.  Calley was really pleased to finish it in one day, and have some time to do the less taxing work of filling the straight lines with the pale green you see here as well.

One day's painting work

Here are some of the new photos taken on the same day, showing the progress of the painting.

Remember the flat effect?Remember the description of the words that initially looked “off center” or crooked?  This is how they appear now on the billowing banner painted at the bottom of the painting.  Calley found it ironic that the very core a healthy ocean depends so much upon the coral colonies, and the early Hawaiians compared themselves to a colony of coral in their settling of the Islands.

Calley filling the bordersCalley at work on "Twenty Percent"Twenty-percent completeHere’s a final glimpse until next time.  Stay tuned for more updates.

 A Hui Ho…

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