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Coral Reef Painting Coming Along Nicely

Coral Reef Painting2.4The best thing about keeping a photo journal of the progress of a RAMA painting from start to finish, is that while the painting may look “meager” in the beginning, it is always fun and really astounding to see the finished product, ESPECIALLY when you watch it from the beginning stages.  Only Calley knows the hours of prep and planning and research and permission-getting and photo collection and blocking and drawing that goes into the beginning of a painting.

And that of course, is AFTER the trip to Portland, and all that Rama himself has contributed.  For the last six years, Calley and family have spent a portion of the summer in Portland, working in the elephant barn, contributing time and expertise to the creation of the background paintings.

And after Calley spends her time in meditation and prayer.  She is clear that whatever goes upon the canvas is directed by Spirit, and she simply follows, often to her own surprise and delight.

With all that in mind, it is our intent to post a photo journal from time to time, to give a chronicle of the progress of the painting.

Here are the shots from the second photo shoot.  Another is planned for next week.  Stay tuned!

Here you can see the beautiful colors that will live upon the prepared space.  Calley works diligently to get the underlay as smooooth as possible.  You may be surprised to see that the painting itself will take on a life of its own, and actually seem more real than the actual photo.  This has happened over and over in this Exhibit.

Calley’s plan is to leave all of Rama’s original color and place the coral paintings on the dark brown places in the painting.  It never ceases to amaze me, as I watch her paint, how Calley’s attention to detail creates life on the canvas.

This looks beautiful now, but just WAIT….you’ll be amazed (or not, if you’ve seen Calley’s work before) at how it comes to life before your eyes!

On the day these photos were taken, Calley’s emphasis was on the painting of the border.  At first glance, I thought she had made an error, and that the print was “crooked”!  She laughed at me and helped me to see that when finished, it will appear as if it were on a flag, blowing in the wind!  Calley continues to exhibit  her audacity of skill and talent.

As the resident artist at Hualalai-Four Seasons, Calley’s studio is plein air — which means that she spends her painting days, from sunup to sundown in the glory of nature, be it sunny, cloudy, rainy, or windy.  Luckily, the weather is mostly temperate on the coast, and most of her days are beautiful.  Her studio is located under a large tree, and the best time for her sake is when the tree is in full foliage, and she has shade.  

That’s the report for this moment.  Please check back next week for the next one.  Rama's Stamp of Approval

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One thought on “Coral Reef Painting Coming Along Nicely

  1. I just want to brag about how blessed I feel to be a part of The Rama Exhibition! It has been, and continues to be a joyful pleasure, a privilege and an honor to support Calley and the entire team as the web designer. I hope you all enjoy the website, and can spend a few whiles perusing our many wonderful pages. I get to work with Calley, who is an exquisite artist, and believe me, she puts me through her very exacting paces to make sure that every little jot and tittle is strategically placed to the inth of an pixel, to make the site as much a work of art as everything else she does. What a joy and a pleasure to be involved and associated with this great Exhibition. Thank you all so much for spending time here, and for all you do to support The Rama Exhibition. Calley, and I, and all the team members put our hearts and souls into the creation of this monumental endeavor, and we hope you can feel our love seeping through every crack of elephant skin on every page. Lovingly, Julia Fairchild

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