The Rama Exhibition

Twenty-Percent is now more than Fifty-Percent Complete!

halfway done

Work continues on the painting of endangered corals, “Twenty Percent” with 
an estimated fifty-percent completed.  Of course, that doesn’t include the amount of effort that goes into the research, model photo search, photo permission gathering, design planning, pencil drawings, blocking, priming,  free-hand drawing onto the canvas, before the painting can begin.  As Calley describes it, “you can compare the actual painting to “icing the cake.”  In this instance, the cake begins with growing the wheat, raising the chickens, milking the cows, importing the chocolate…well, you get the picture.

Calley says that nearly all of the spaces are filled on the central canvas, and that she still has the border paintings to draw.  All the corners are drawn, ready to insert.  When complete, Twenty-Percent will include thirty-six species of endangered coral.  Awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Check the progress!

Clicking back on the last blog entry, you will see how this has grown since the last recorded Having the good forturne to snorkel from time to time, I am always entranced by the purple coral.  Its rarity makes it even more spectacular.

Ever the coach, I keep encouraging Calley to plan her next painting, and begin the preparation for it.  She has begun by calling in fabulous photos of whales to pose as models.  (You heard it here first…WHALES are next!)  Here are some more photos of the progress.  (AND, I can hardly wait to post the next blog – we also just finished the next stained glass window.  WAIT till you see that…I’ll post it today as well).

See the space for the earth? 

Here you see the primed spot for placing the Earth, which every painting contains.  The feathery parts are still the underparts…stay tuned for the next report to see what color they will beMore creative priming.  Here you see still more of the creative priming that underlies each painting.  Watching these intricate forms slowly and surely materialize before one’s eyes is almost as good as time-lapsed photography of its growth.  As usual, Calley’s pristeen portrayal of the real thing makes it look more real than one could see in real life. 

A parting shot of Calley at work, with a hint of colors to come.  And now I’m off to bring back the newest window!  The Rama Exhibition is growing stroke by stroke of Calley’s “two-hair brushes.”
Calley at work on a new coral species.

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