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A Must See- Lynette Wallworth’s CORAL: Rekindling Venus


Edmond Halley (1656 ~ 1742) was an English astronomer and mathematician who orchestrated the scientific world to unite for the sake of humankind in spite of political divisiveness in Europe at the time.  After observing the transit of Mercury, he realized that the transit of Venus across the Sun could be used to determine the absolute size of the solar system.  In order to accomplish this, observers would be needed in many places on Earth many times.  He worked across borders and differences and reached into the future to ask scientists to continue this work.  In 1761 there were observers in 120 locations on Earth, and in 199 there were 80 observers.  It was the first time that science was united for a common purpose to benefit humanity.

Acclaimed Australian contemporary artist Lynette Wallworth has created a beautiful film especially for domed planetariums called CORAL: Rekindling Venus to connect the historic work of Halley with the immediate need for the worldwide community to work together to save coral reefs. 

On one night of the year, orchestrated by the moon, corals spawn in a spectacular show of light and color.  May this beauty inspire your work to preserve coral reefs, the biodiverse ‘rain forests’ of the ocean.


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