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Staten Island’s Garbage Dump, Biggest in the World, is now a Thriving Ecosystem!


This an amazing triumph of restoration ecology!  I am so excited to share this story!

Once upon a time it was a beautiful saltwater marsh where the children swan.  By 1948, it was an ecological nightmare and a huge health hazard.  By 2001, when it was closed, Fresh Kills was a noxious landfill with 28,000 pounds of stinking garbage added every year, until there were four mountains, 60 stories high, excreting millions of gallons of toxic leachate into the surrounding waterways.  2,200 acres…it’s huge!  Our consumption – our garbage.

The garbage mountains were capped in plastic and covered with millions of tons of clean soil and planted with native grasses.  The land got to rest in peace for 20 years.  Now, there are beautiful tidal wetlands, forests, scrublands, and the wide-open fields of grasses, and 314 different species of wildlife.

Please share this great news of ecological restoration!

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