The Rama Exhibition

Fascinating research into what other species on Earth know that we don’t know, and how we can learn from them!

Animals can see things we can’t. A team of scientists takes a one-of-a-kind camera to the South Pacific to see the ocean as no human has before.  octopus_chilling

What IF we could learn from sea creatures, for instance, how to thrive in their environment?  What if we could even SEE what they SEE?  Dolphins can hear a much higher range of sounds than humans can.  Every animal can see colors we cannot see.  This group of scientists have create a camera that can perhaps bridge that gap. 


Another group of scientists have worked for years to learn to communicate with dolphins.  Only after many years of gathering info were they able to see that dolphins had been giving us readable signals the whole time — we just couldn’t hear them!  What else will we learn as our curiosity and scientific explorations continue?  

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