The Rama Exhibition

Frog Painting Back on Track

Frog progress-3With SO MUCH happening these days, it has been a while since Calley has had a chance to paint on The Rama Exhibition.  This wreath of endangered frogs has awaited attention since it was begun at The IUCN World Conservation Congress.  How time flies!

In the meantime, The Rama Exhibition has found it’s hopefully forever home at NOAA’s Mokupapapa Discovery Center in Hilo.  During the heightened  volcano eruptions, the Volcano National Park rangers were also there, so many, many visitors found their way to The Rama Exhibition as well.  

Calley and Idaho Family

Added to our offerings of cards, fine art prints and posters at Mokupapapa Discovery Center (and on the website), we have added some beautiful vinyl STICKERS for your water bottles and other places.  

If you live on, or are visiting the Big Island, don’t miss The Rama Exhibition at NOAA’s Mokupapapa Discovery Center in Hilo.    Besides Rama, the Discovery Center is place to spend an entire morning or afternoon engaged in amazing informative and interactive displays.

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