The Rama Exhibition

The Rama Exhibition World Premiere at IUCN World Conservation Congress

rx18e SO  MUCH has happened since we last had an opportunity to post here.

The Rama  Exhibition World Premiere at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Hawaii 2016 was a stunning success!  E. O. Wilson,  Jane Goodall,  Sylvia Earle, and Elizabeth Sahtouris were only four of the conservation stars participating in the Congress.  This was the largest summit on nature ever convened in human history.   

The Rama Exhibiton was extremely well received by all.  President Barack Obama opened the Congress at the East WEst Center. We were excited to hear President Obama’s announcement that Papahanaoumokuakea, our national marine monument is being quadrupled in size, making it the largest national marine sanctuary in the world.  This was announced via video of President Obama and Sylvia Earl on Midway Atoll. (We are even happier that we lost that designation to Antartica’s Ross Sea in November, now the largest marine sanctuary in the world!)  

THE RAMA EXHIBITION reached nearly 10,000 people dedicated to the conservation of nature from 192 nations.  My hope of stimulating a profound inner experience of love for wildlife was realized. Responses to the first 21 wildlife thangka paintings were overwhelming positive and honoring.   Thank you!

We fully enjoyed what we termed the “clipper ship effect,” as time after time people’s faces lit up with amazement when they finally realized that Rama  the elephant had painted the backgrounds.   “What!?  An Elephant painted these?!”   For videos of  more Congress reactions, please visit our website Exhibition page

The premiere was the kickoff for our traveling exhibition, highlighting the plight of endangered species and ecosystems worldwide, sparking our innate love of life. The enthusiastic responses offer the hope that through love in action, we can save half the Earth for wildlife, and in so doing, preserve all life.  

We are enthusiastically joining E. O. Wilson’s HALF-EARTH Campaign, and would love to come to your city, region, or congress with this leading edge exhibition.  Please make your recommendations!

  • Many requested that I create REGIONAL PAINTINGS to promote awareness around the world of threatened wildlife in their area, and support their conservation work.  This was the direction I needed to continue.  Please guide me in creating a painting highlighting endangered species in your region.  The POSTERS and legends we make from the painting can significantly support your work and outreach.
  • Please recommend THE RAMA EXHIBITION to your museum, or recommend a museum to me, and, if possible recommend a patron/corporate benefactor aware of the power of art to create positive social and ecological change. This too can significantly support awareness of your work.
  • Our signed and inscribed LIMITED EDITION IUCN POSTERS are available for a suggested $50 donation including shipping anywhere in the world.  Choose 3 posters in the same tube for $100 or the full set of 4 in the same tube for $150.

And NOW!?  The Rama Exhibition has a new home at Mokupapapa Discovery Center, Papahanaumokuakea, NOAA, in Hilo, Hawaii!  


WHY ART?   ART SPARKS AWARENESS AND CHANGE.    ART IS POWER. Scientists, and policy makers agree, it will be art that awakens the awareness and ignites the actions we need now.      R. A. M. A.      Real Art Means Action.   

The Rama Exhibition has the power to open hearts and minds, and move people to take part in our greatest and most pressing task…the conservation of nature.  As Professor Wilson (Sierra Club magazine this month) described it – striking a fair deal with nature: 50 – 50.

I look greatly forward to working with you to make powerful changes in consciousness and swift actions for the conservation of life.

Me ke aloha pumehana,

  Calley O’Neill



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