The Rama Exhibition


THE RAMA EXHIBITION reached nearly 10,000 people dedicated to the conservation of nature from 192 nations.  Our hope of stimulating a profound inner experience of love for wildlife was realized.  Responses to the first 21 wildlife thangka paintings were overwhelming positive and honoring.   Thank you!
Many great connections were made,  and many requested that Calley create REGIONAL PAINTINGS to promote awareness around the world of threatened wildlife in their areas, and support their conservation work.  This was the direction I needed to continue. 

The Rama Exhibition has the power to open hearts and minds, and move people to take part in our greatest and most pressing task…the conservation of nature.   As Professor Wilson (Sierra Club magazine this month) described it – striking a fair deal with nature: 50 – 50.
One of the highlights of Calley’s participation at IUCN was meeting with E. O. Wilson who said,   “Yes, I saw your work.  It is striking…beautiful.   I think you are starting a whole new form of art.  Your position in art history is assured!


My new book is called THE ORIGIN OF CREATIVITY. 

It will be art that exponentially expands the reach of this knowledge.”
Calley has since been in touch with Ed Wilson, who has asked to re-name and use one of the Rama paintings as the frontis piece on his newest book.   The painting, formerly known as The Big Picture and the Butterly Effect has now been renamed  Reality Unseen by Professor Wilson. 
The best part of the telling of that story is when Calley was able to share the realities yet unseen by Ed that:
1) the background of the painting was painted by an elephant (which he had not previously realized) and
2) that not immediately apparent in this painting are the  long lines of gold silhouettes of animals walking off the planet as they become endangered or extinct. 

One more example of the magic of RAMA!


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