The Rama Exhibition

Endangered Flowers of Hawai’i – Calley’s Next Rama Painting Underway

Calley Progress on Hawaiian Flowers 002

The whale is long finished, and Calley has begun work on the next Rama painting, the Native Hawaiian Flowers which are quickly disappearing from the planet.  As soon as the photos return from the giclee artist, we will also post finished whale paintings, and build its pages on the website.  Summer travel took its toll on the blog posting, so now that fall approaches, we shall pick up the progress of reports.  Here is captured Day 12 of the progress, once the canvas is mounted and work begins at The Four Seasons Hualalai.    Of course, that doesn’t count the many hours and days of preparation work, research, reference material searches, etc., that precede the beginning of the painting.

One funny story has emerged already, as Calley has daily contact with folks who admire her work.  One little guy, about 4 years old, noting Calley’s reproduction of Rama’s bright pink squirt at the top of the painting, put his hands on his hips, cocked his head, peering at the top of the painting, and pointing, said, “Did you mess up, up there?”

Did you mess up, up there?

“Does it look like I messed up?” Calley asked.  “Yep, it sure does!” he replied.  Guess you can’t please everyone.

Patrons have remarked that this is the most beautiful of Rama’s paintings so far, even without the adornment of the native Hawaiian flowers yet to come.  I can hardly wait to see them materialize.  So far, what you see here is Calley preparing the canvas, sanding away the spots where the flowers will nestle into the painting.

Sanding away the canvas, where the endangered native flowers of Hawaii will nestle.

Unlike those on previous paintings, this border was finished in record time.  It will remain simple, as you see it, for the most part, and all she has left to do is to paint the flowers.  Is that all?  As usual, I can hardly wait to see them materialize on the canvas.  I’ll keep you posted.

Rama and Jeb's Stamp, The Rama Exhibition

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