The Rama Exhibition

Whale Season Underway…

Calley-Whale 001 

Whale Tail, Noa's Hands, EarthFor the first time in a while, I was able to visit Calley as she continues work on the Whale painting.  It’s so exciting to watch the progress, like a child, growing over periods of time.  On this day, Calley was working on the border, enhancing the DNA strands with a lively poem.  At the top of the painting will be a set of hands, replicating a whale tale, holding the earth.  This pencil drawing is the first glimpse; stay tuned for it to develop into its coming beauty.  THIS is what I love about following the progress of these paintings.  Seeing it in the whisper of a pencil and then develop into the promised beauty if a wonderful process to behold.

Here are a few shots of the painting as it is progressing.  Enjoy!

Rama's Part of Whale PaintingBorder Detail - Whale PaintingCalley O'Neill - Whale Painting

Rama's Stamp

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