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OCEAN CLEANUP is Branching Out to Catch Plastic at the Origins

In August, Interceptor 004 dropped anchor and began collecting river pollution in Rio Ozama, Dominican Republic


OCEAN CLEANUP began years ago to tackle the Pacific Gyre, and has now branched out to help stop the flow of plastics into the ocean from it’s source, as it is estimated that 10 rivers are responsible for 90% of the plastic in our oceans.

Boyan Slat, a Dutch inventor has launched The Ocean Cleanup project. He says, “By stopping plastic in rivers, we hope to not only address the big global plastic pollution issue, but also really help make life better for the people that live near these problematic rivers”.

Ocean Cleanup’s goal is to tackle the thousand most polluted rivers within 5 years. Slat told CNN that Interceptors will soon head to Vietnam, Thailand, Jamaica and Los Angeles County in the United States. “We are getting out tons of plastic every single day,” Slat said. “We accept that we won’t deliver magic in one go. But we’re doing this, step by step.” Read more

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