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Hunters Trade in their Guns for Cameras in Botswana

The migratory Amur falcon is one of the species that has benefited from the protected land. Photograph: Sylvain Cordier/Getty

BRAVO to all the the community villages in Nagaland BOTSWANA (1/3 of all villages) that have created and police their own wildlife conservation areas to answer the call of their catastrophically plummeting wildlife population.  They got way into guns instead of spears and tea[s. selling bushmeat and everything from tiger bones and bear bile to wild ginseng, geckos and cordyceps mushrooms and Pangolin scales at high prices, much of it headed to make Chinese medicine.. 

These grass roots conservation protection zones are working!  Wildlife is flourishing.  Many young men are picking up their binoculars instead of guns.  The gun amnesty program is growing, and eco-tourism is beginning to look promising! Read more at The Guardian
Please spread great news to your people on behalf of all life!

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