The Rama Exhibition

The Shipping Industry is 6 Months Away from a Cleanup Deadline


ship's shadow

This photo was taken from above by J.P and Mike Andrews and featured in a Colossal exhibit of their aerial photography. Not to be missed! Click photo to see the exhibit.

GREAT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!  The biggest change in oil market history is less than six months away!

Rules imposed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in accordance with the Paris Agreement, gave the shipping industry until January 1, 2020, to significantly reduce their sulphur emissions from a currently allowed 3.5% to a newly required 0.5%.  Currently, the most commonly used marine fuel is thought to have a sulfur content of around 2.7%. This is a huge deal given that sulfur is a major component of acid rain, which harms vegetation and wildlife, and contributes to the acidification of the oceans.  Learn more from CNBC

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