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Bottles and Jars Made of Soap!?

soap containers


There are countless numbers of people working to make a difference in how we consume and waste products, and in how we find out about them.   Personal care product containers make up 1/3 of oil-based landfill waste, and the fashion industry is the second largest producer of plastic waste!  Ideas and innovations for solutions are being shared through digital publications like Issuu.    This publication does its part by offering digital platform to read and publish your own content, keeping it in the cloud, rather than printing more magazines and newspapers.

For example, Mi Zhou, a student in the Central St Martins Material Futures master’s degree program, re-imagined the disposable nature of toiletry containers by turning the vessels themselves into usable products. Instead of the ubiquitous flexible plastic tubs and tubes that are filled with lotion, soap, and shampoo, Zhou’s creations are made of soap.  In soft shades of mint green, peach, and yellow, the translucent containers sport sophisticated designs that bring to mind classic shapes of perfume bottles and powder boxes. To complete her concept Zhou consulted with Yanhao Shi, a soap artisan, and Luis Spitz, an expert in the soap industry.  Read more about Zhou’s project on the Central Saint Martins Material Futures catalog. (via designboom).  

I did search for a place to purchase them, but so far they seem to be a design concept.  I did have a marvelous time, though, browsing the Material Futures catalog, and am heartened that so many bright minds are working to make a difference.  Design Boom also had some amazing innovative ideas.  Speaking of innovative ideas, I initially read about the soap containers on This is Colossal, an art site that shares absolutely stunning art from around the world.  

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