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Why Hawaii is working to ban common BUT DEADLY sunscreens

turtle in coral

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BRAVO HAWAI’I, seeking to ban the DEADLY Oxybenzone sunscreens. (most chemical sunscreens)

Here’s the nutshell about oxybenzone in sunscreens:   
1, That’s ONE, drop in 4 million gallons of water (that’s more than 6 Olympic sized pools of water) is DEADLY  to the zoozanthelae (the colored symbiotic single celled algae that gives coral its coral and its photosynthetic life.  
Here’s the other key:  even if you don’t go in the ocean, when you shower here in Hawai’i, the stuff goes to wastewater treatment and ultimately, in to the ocean, where the oxybenzone levels are higher.  All it takes is a drop.  
We may need more of our ALBA and other healthy mineral sunscreens, but is that not a teeny price to pay to save our dying coral reefs?
AND, why doesn’t anyone talk about the dangers of oxybenzone to humans.  A colleague of mine at the famed NEW ALCHEMY INSTITUTE. warned me about sunscreens in 1980, when she completed a master’s degree on the health of sunscreens for humans, and found only two that were not carcinogenic.  I’ve been using ALBA ever since.
It’s time all the hotels on the coasts take the lead in this important campaign so Hawai’i can lead the world in consciousness and legislation of products that harm our reefs.
Please dispose of yours safely and take the lead yourself to actively protect the reefs.

Me ke aloha,
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