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INGENIOUS!!! Losing Hope? WATCH THIS TALK!!! Using nature’s genius in architecture

Michael PawlynIf you’ve been feeling blue over the sheer magnitude of the social, ecological, and economic problems  in the world, watch this inspiring talk, and then, get involved!  Just spreading the word of what is possible and holding the vision of what is possible is a huge contribution.  And, when more and more of us are hopeful and can tell dozens of stories to counterbalance other’s complaints or negativity, awareness grows.
Eco-literacy grows, ecological design grows, and we will have plentiful food and gorgeous buildings with greenhouses on the rooftops and living walls, and vest pocket farms in every city and county in the US.
It’s already happening.  Just Google Ecological Design or Green Building, Biomimicry, or ingenious renewable energy sources.  Main thing, share it with your friends who are feeling a little blue, and watch how it lifts their spirits up and makes them smile!  Listen to the TEDTalk
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