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MUST SEE Allan Savory’s 2013 TED TALK

This will certainly blow away your concepts of what you think you know about livestock, grazing, and desertification…prepare to open to one man’s life passion and eveyone’s solution.

 A Message With More HOPE Than You Can Imagine

From a Man Who is Devoting His Life to Solving Desertification.

 Climate change is not in question at all, nor is the human cause of it.  It is not just caused by fossil fuels, although that is significant.  It is also caused by desertification, land without year round moisture turning into deserts.  2/3’s of our Earth’s land is turning into desert and sending the traditional grazing peoples into poverty and hunger. While this is the common belief, desertification is not just occurring in arid and semi-arid lands.  Land that have good moisture part of the year and drought conditions part of the year is the most susceptible. The rains come for months, yet it’s dry for much of the year.

 It has been widely thought that desertification is caused by grazing livestock stripping the ground of its vegetative cover. However, this is not the whole picture of livestock on the land. 

 What is needed, proves Savory and his teams around the world, is large-scale holistic planned grazing.

 Heavy rains in deserts flows off in floods, or evaporates because the ground is uncovered, damaged, and low in organic matter.

 Savory claims after decades of research and caring that only one option is available to prevent desertification, sequester huge amounts of carbon, and ameliorate climate change.  Use moving herds of livestock to mimic nature, and keep them moving in large herds integrated with wildlife.  Grasslands evolved with massive herds of animals, and their prey.  The truth is that the animals keep the grasslands alive and well, by constant movement and constant grazing.  They eat, soften the soil, and cover the ground with dung, urine, and mulch.  They prepare the ground to effectively absorb the seasonal rains without either run-off or flooding, enabling it to regrow grasses, shrubs, trees and wildlife.

 Those intermittently desert like grasslands must feed the people by nurturing the animals.

 Holistic planned grazing is critical to eliminate poverty, hunger, desertification, and climate change.

 15 million hectares in five continents are being successfully tested around the world now.  This is storing carbon while feeding people!!! 

 Nothing offers more hope for nature and humanity than this critically important solution.

Click here to visit The Rama

Click here to visit The Rama

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