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Hapuna BeachAs a visionary conservation artist, ecological landscape designer, teacher, and social ecologist, my passion is to make a positive difference in the world, most especially where I live.

 I am so blessed to live on Moku o Keawe, better known as Hawai’i, and best known simply as The Big Island.

I am passionate about Moku o Keawe and want to use my skills and talents to create a future that is even better than we can imagine. 

If not here, where?  If not now at the crossroads, when?  If not us, whom?

mass incineratorMany of us worked to support a recycling and composting alternative to the Big Island’s garbage, instead of the mayor’s choice: a toxic mass incineration facility.

In a nutshell, here is the vision I shared in three minutes with the County Council.  It is a bold and positive and viable proposal that is important for the beautiful, yet economically challenged Hilo Town.  In a future post, I will write in more detail about the potential. 

And, the really good news, with a small group of dedicated people led and inspired by our Kohala County Councilwoman, Margaret Wille, the mass incinerator idea burned!  Time to innovate Hawai’i.

  • I am speaking on behalf of the children, the land, air, and sea, to support you in creating a ground breaking, economically rejuvenating recycling, composting, and leading edge manufacturing center for a healthy future, rather than an antiquated, toxic, uneconomical garbage burning boondoggle.
  • $250,000. is a lot of money.  Let us create a magnificent new industrial park in concert with RECOLOGY, a stellar and highly respected company (or another recycling company with an excellent track record) who will provide us with what we need to cut the leading edge, rather than flail on the tail end of a dinosaur, supporting our existing county commitment to ZERO WASTE.

WailoaSPaerialWe have the capability to usher in the new industrial revolution and recharge and economically and economically rejuvenate Hilo – one of the most beautiful towns on Earth.

Couple the recycling plant with a state of the art recycled plastic manufacturing plant, and a 3D printing facility so that instead of shipping our recyclables far away to distant orts  –  the other islands will send their metals, containers and plastics, now valued higher than steel to our beautiful jewel by the bay.


Outside of the new industrial park in Hilo, adorn the banyan trees with thousands of tiny white, well placed LED lights

Enhance these LEED platinum and Living Building Certified buildings with a stained glass mosaic mural, expressing the highest intention of the park within a world peace water garden.  At the center will be lo’i (taro patches) with as many varieties of kalo as possible, surrounded by lotuses, lilies, and other beautiful flowering and edible aquatic plants.

 Imagine a carillon – a bell tower – sending aloha around the world from the vibrant center of Hilo, the city of lights.  The banyan lights in Kalakaua Park, along Banyan Drive and in other parks alone will be enough to attract visitors from around the world.  When the visitor count increases, the hotels will have the revenue to revamp their rooms, corridors, and public spaces.  The lights will encourage healthy, wholesome energy in the parks after dark.  These lights bring magic!  Hilo, this is a sound idea!  Let’s work together to literally light up a future that will be better than we can imagine.  We must work together in brilliance, imagination, and innovation in a vision big enough for every person to see their part and that this will benefit them and their children personally.  Let us ecologically charge and economically transform Hilo to a prosperous, dynamic, and inspirational, leading edge center of sustainability and ecological restoration.

Click here to visit The Rama

Click here to visit The Rama

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