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Build a Tiny Forest in your Back (or Front Yard) NATURE’S HERO ~ Shubehndu Sharma

By Calley O’Neill

 What an inspiring TED talk in only 6 minutes.


A Toyota engineer in India, Shubhendu Sharrnu volunteered as an intern to help Japanese forest expert Akira Miyawaki, who was commissioned to plant a forest at the factory to make the company carbon neutral.  Miyawaki developed a method of growing forests then times faster than normal growth.  It was wildly successful, and Shubhendu was sold.

Now Shubhendu is a reforestation expert, and has employed Toyota’s extremely efficient assembly line system to tiny forest building.  His company is called AFFORESTT.  These forests are compact, maintenance free, wild, productive, highly biodiverse, beautiful, oxygen, food, and moisture producing and fast.  He created an open source website with information for native plantings and instructions for you!  They can even do soil analysis and track the forest’s progress remotely!  This is fantastic!

You have got to see this talk and spread it wildly!  WOW!  Bravo to Shubhendur Sharma.  Please join him.

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Click to listen to TED TALK

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Click here to visit The Rama


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