The Rama Exhibition

How Urban Design Affects the Health of our People and our Land

By Calley O’Neill

Click here to watch the TED talk

 What an unexpectedly upbeat TED talk by Mick Cornett, Mayor of Oklahoma City!  What starts out to be a specific talk on a progressive idea for a community to lose a million pounds, turns out to be a brilliant look at how design profoundly, and all too often negatively, affects human health, happiness and well being.

 Noting that Oklahoma City, and so many other cities, towns and suburbs are designed for cars, not people, here’s a city that is actually doing a lot about it.  What an inspirational talk –  what great and sound ideas.  Take this one to your city or county counsel and start a design and mind revolution in your town.

 This is how we take back our future, work with nature, bring back nature and take back the roads.

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