The Rama Exhibition


by Calley O’Neill

ImageBUD NIP: Why Exactly is this Legal?  NIP IT IN THE BUD

I vividly remember one day long ago, shopping in our local health food store with my dear friend Laura Lynn.  With bulging baskets, we got to the check out register, and another woman came up behind us with an item in her hand.  “Boy, that’s a lot of food!” she said, probably thinking we were being totally extravagant, our beautiful foods covering the counter.  Without missing a beat, smiling broadly, Laura Lynn said, “Of course!  This is my health insurance policy.  Imagine how much money this will save me in health care bills in the long run…maybe tens of thousands of dollars.”  The woman was speechless, and I knew a fresh seed had been planted.

 Well, tonight Laura Lynn sent me a 2 ½ minute video that I highly recommend.  So, enjoy this sweet potato video done by an 8 year old on her school project, and her profound conclusion about the health of people and our nation, derived from one simple experiment and a bit of research.  Then, Please send this blog/film to everyone you know and care about…especially those who don’t yet shop local and organic at their farmer’s market, because supermarket food and produce is a bit cheaper.  In the long run, eating organic might save us hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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