The Rama Exhibition

More Photos of the Newest Painting, Manawai ~ He Wa’a, He Moku

The name of the newest painting, depicting the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal, the Green Sea Turtle,  is Manawai ~ He Wa’a, He Moku.  (The Island, The Canoe)   In a canoe, there are only so many resources, and ancient Hawaiians were very aware that as this was true of the canoes that carried them so far from their homelands, so the islands also had to be preserved and protected to sustain their fruits.

This is the perfect Olelo to portray the intents and purposes of The Rama Exhibition.  As we are often painfully reminded, Hawaii has the dubious honor of being named the “Endangered Species Capital of the World.”  With hundreds of plants and animals listed as endangered or threatened, there are more endangered species per square mile on these islands than any other place on the planet.

Mana Wai ~ He Wa'a He Moku

Green Sea Turtle

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Monk Seal Baby Face

The earth, a unique view...On Monday, Calley will take this painting down, and replace it with the next project, which is honestly, as of Saturday, yet to be determined!  So stay tuned for news as to who of the many candidates for painting show up on the next canvas.  We’ll keep you posted!

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